One Tower Bridge

Experience Class and Quality at the Berkeley Homes Development, One Tower Bridge

We at Dressy Rooms London are the leaders in creating unique and exclusive bespoke furniture packages.

Our exclusive clients choose us to furnish their premium class properties in and around the city of London.

Dressy Rooms London provide the ultimate in style and originality when it comes to furnishing high class properties.

Therefore Dressy Rooms London have once again been chosen to furnish 16 apartments located at one Tower Bridge, London SE1 2AA.

These exclusive apartments are priced between £1,450,000 and £6,250,000.

These apartments are conveniently located by the city of London and they really do offer residents first class luxury.

The concierge and décor in the public areas sizzle with 5 star design and quality.

Residents have a wonderful view of the river and the city which gives these apartments an added air of attractiveness and exclusivity.

Expert property developers Berkeley Homes, have also once again created these apartments with stylish and modern interiors.

And the fact that these apartments are very conveniently located close to shops, restaurants and supermarkets, means all in all this would make a great spot for the successful city resident.

All things considered it’s a great time for Dressy Rooms London, as once again we will have an opportunity to showcase our talent and our expertise in this field, by once again providing our clients with the perfect bespoke furniture package.

We at Dressy Rooms London look forward to exceeding the expectations of our clients by providing the most exclusive top class products and furnishings to suit the tastes of our clients.

We are enjoying our experience of furnishing many amazing apartments at One Tower Bridge London!

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