Jones Lang LaSalle, new name JLL

The Agents

Jones Lang LaSalle or should I say JLL.

Jones Lang LaSalle are now known as JLL. This recent name change should be easier to remember and has been well received.

JLL provide a wide range of services throughout the property sector, JLL focus on both commercial and residential properties.

In my experience searching for an apartment to purchase was long winded, I chose the right agents. JLL are ruthless in their ways and customer service is at it’s best.

JLL are well known worldwide for achieving fantastic results.

JLL can assist with investing, renting, selling or buying properties  on your behalf. They have a large team and a global network to point you in the right direction. JLL are currently selling new build homes within London on behalf of high end developers.

JLL ensure they kept up to date with current market changes, I believe they are always one step ahead of the rest. Property research is a key element which keeps JLL at the number one spot.

  1. Eliza Basara

    I wonder why Jones Lang LaSalle have changed their name, I thought it had a lovely ring to it. Oh well i’m sure we will all adjust to the shorter JLL.
    They are a good company and I am glad your post expresses this.

    6 years ago


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